Vocal play - online event


Your voice is a messenger. Like the smoke of a fire that carries your prayers to God.

It is a channel in this realm to be in contact with the Great Mystery and those around you.


Every sound is creation. Every melody a frequency. A vibration. Can you feel what this means? What your voice is capable of? 

Your voice is also here to expand your energy field and vibration for YOU! The delicious act of singing under the shower!!! Scream from a mountain top. Defend and roar if you need to.

Express sadness. And sound your orgasm in memorable ways. 

Freedom. Joy!!

To allow your voice in it’s unfiltered realness is TRUTH. Which is love. Which HEALS. In this way it can shake the earth and open people's heart. While God is applauding. 

That is why I want to invite you to a workshop called 'vocal play'. 

This event is for everyone that wants to explore their voice and create more freedom of expression.

I will not give a long introduction here. If you feel it, sign in and trust :)

Come with clear intention. Make sure you have a good internet connection. I advise one person per screen, preferably in a closed space so you can focus on yourself. You can ofcourse make yourself a good cup of 100% cacao and drink it before the event to assist you to open a little more. :D

There is space for max. 10 people.

Feeling the call? You can reserve your spot HERE and I will send you a link trough Zoom on the day itself.  

Sunday 7th of June 16:00 - 17.30


Looking forward to connect with you!

Love, Eva