Cacao, an introduction

Cacao is a very potent plant medicine that originates in the Amazon base. We all know cacao as 'chocolate'. The standard milk chocolate bar contains often very little cacao (32%) and lots of sugar. 100% pure cacao was nearly forgotten for ages. 

But times are changing. The 100% pure cacao paste and healthy inspired cacao drinks are gaining popularity. Some drink it as a substitute for coffee. Some dance or meditate with it to feel more connected to their body and heart. This warm ancient inspired chocolate drink is the main ingredient of every worldwide cacao ceremony.

Why we love chocolate
Theobroma Cacao, which means 'food of the gods' has lots of beautiful benefits. It contains active components like the alkaloid theobromine and PEA (Phenethylamine), that give energy, stimulate the heart and release dopamine and endorphin. It contains a high amount of antioxidants, the mineral magnesium and it is said it has special qualities to 'open the heart centre'.

The MesoamericaƄ's connection with cacao 

Aztecs used cacao beans as an official currency. (For 3 cacaobeans you could buy a ripe avocado.) They also used the drink in their (wedding) ceremonies and sacrifices and gave the Theabroma cacao tree an important place in their cosmology. From the pre-Olmec and Aztec empire until the 18th century only the rich and royal could have access to the ´cacahuatl' (cacao water). 

The cacao drink

The original Mayan and Olmec foamy cacao drink (hot and cold) that is gaining popularity now and I make in ceremony just contains water, cacao and sometimes chile, vanilla or other spices like cinnemon, cardemon and rose.

To make this beverage, you first have to harvest the fruit, cut it open, take out the (around 60-80) seeds, dry them or ferment them for 3-7 days (and then dry them), then toast them, peal and grind them. 3000 years ago - and with our ceremonial grade cacao! - we use a 'metate': a large stone and stone grinder, that with help of body pressure, transformes the beans into a paste. It is a beautiful, hard work of art.

Cacao travels

Cacao is a beautiful ally on my path and I work closely with her. She has helped me opening my voice and heart and is an important component of my ceremonies. I respect her a lot. I say 'her', because I believe she is a female plant spirit.

I met so many beautiful sisters along this path that also feel passioned about cacao. 

Together with my dear Mexican cacao sister Lilian I travelled from North to South Mexico and Guatemala to dive deeper into the world of cacao and connect with the actual cacao tree.

We set an intention to find the most beautiful cacao for our ceremonies. The journey was magical and brought us so much more then we could think of...

We found a beautiful sustainable and organic farm in Chiapas that we wanted to work with and where we felt and instant YES! We shared this beautiful cacao in many ceremonies and I took it with me to Holland.

Wild Child cacao

The chocolate journey continued unexpectedly in 2020 in Holland. I met Malou, a passioned chocolate maker (Macao) and we instantly connected.

Inspiration came soon after we met to start our own ceremonial cacao brand: Wild Child Cacao. Together we have one aim: to make the most delicious & potent ceremonial grade cacao! The cacao is made from bean to block in Amsterdam.

Please have a look: