I am Eva Joy. I work as a coach, ceremonialist and musician.  

Holding space for peoples healing is my deepest fulfilment. My work is a combination of ritual and play. I am deeply serious about ceremony and working with plant medicine, but also believe in the power of play.

Letting my curious inner child explore. With sound, dance, movement…  In my work, I invite people to embody their innocent truth, by living my own.

I feel a deep connection with the Native American and shamanic traditions. That respect for our mother earth and the wisdom of the forever changing seasons of life. This dept, this honouring of life, is a big part of my ceremonies. 

Voice liberation

From 4 to 17 I was one of the shyest girls on the planet. Never speaking up. Blushing, feeling uncomfortable speaking in public. I spend years overcoming that. Facing my fear of speaking in public, taking many singing classes and crying whenever I had to in a sharing circle.

It took me until 32 when I really started to open up. Beautiful plant medicines guided me to express more. Buying a ukelele. Playing on the street. A few beautiful medicine men encouraged me to share my voice during ceremonies. I started to host my own singing circles with cacao.

And I am doing that until this current day. During these circles I am helping others to liberate themselves, while liberating mine. Singing TOGETHER, or solo, has now become comfortable and easy. And so JOYFUL.

I feel like we are all little children, just dying to be able to PLAY again. Supporting others to find their innocent pure voice, is my soul mission here on earth.


Medicine journey

I did not plan to travel the world, but life had me book a ticket to Costa Rica in 2017.

What I thought would be just 6 weeks became a journey of more then 2 years. Before traveling I already hosted a 
few cacao circles for my best friends in my living room. 

During my stay in a community in Nicaragua I learned how to prepare cacao myself. From bean to the beautiful cacao drink. I brew pots for around 40 people every week and started to share songs during the weekly ceremonies and I knew: this is it!


Cacao guided me further north, to Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. It was in these lands that I got my initiation in the shamanic path. 

Following the Native Indian traditions, ceremonial dancing with the Mexica, visiting cacao farms and working with different plant medicines that helped me to open up my voice even more. 

Now the time has come to share all the medicine that I have gratefully received from this beautiful abundant lands. Meanwhile, I keep on learning.

Every day is a sacred ceremony, full of teachings. I am guided by The Great Spirit and Mother Earth. With music, voice liberation, shamanism, women's work and cacao.
This is my life's work. 


Photo's in banner by Amber & Wolf