I am Eva, ceremonialist, musician and forever wild child. In what seemed to be a passed life I studied fashion, healing, coaching and yoga. Yet, life took me on a shamanic journey. A deep initiation that is ongoing. Nowadays I only do what feels natural and deeply fullfilling: holding space for peoples healing. Attuning my music to that. Creating sacred space. 


Once I was the shyest girl on the planet. Blushing and feeling uncomfortable speaking up. I spend years overcoming my fear of speaking in public, taking many singing classes and voice liberation courses. With cacao and other plant medicines I slowly dared to express myself freely. Voice liberation is now an important part of my cacao ceremonies. Overcoming judgement and finding the joy of singing again!



I did not plan to travel the world, but life had me book a ticket to Costa Rica in 2017. What I thought would be just 6 weeks became a journey of more then 2 years. 

During my stay in these lands I learned how to work with pure cacao. I brew pots for around 40 people every week and started to share songs during the weekly cacao ceremonies.  

Cacao guided me further north, to Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. Following the Native American traditions, visiting cacao farms and working with different plant medicines in the Amazon.