I am Eva Joy. A ceremonialist, musician and owner of Wild Child Cacao. In what seemed to be a past life I worked in the fashion industry and as a copywriter. Yet, life took me on an unexpected shamanic journey....,,


Once I was the shyest girl on the planet. Blushing and crying when speaking in public. I spend years overcoming my fear of speaking in public, taking many singing classes and voice liberation courses. With cacao and other plant medicines

I slowly dared to express myself freely. Vocal play is now an important part of my cacao ceremonies. 


I did not plan to travel the world, but life had me book a ticket to Costa Rica in 2017. What I thought would be just 6 weeks became a journey of more then 2 years. 

I lived in a community in Nicaragua to learn about cacao, brewing pots for around 40 people every week. After a while I tarted to share songs during the weekly cacao ceremonies. 

My cacao curiousity led me to Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. Here I learned more from cacao experts like Keith the Chocolate Shaman, the wonderful women from Ruk'u'x Ulew and 'Bob Chocolate'.

Later on I spend time in Chiapas in Mexico with my cacao sister Lilian. We visited cacao farms and stayed with the local farmers. An absolutely magical experience. This is where I learned about cacao fermentation and the Mayan and Aztec traditions.

I stayed in Mexico for 2 years. Learned from Lakota and Mexica traition. I continued to host ceremonies with my partner there and together we went deep into the world of plant medicine. 

A dream came true when I got the oppurtunity to stay in the Amazon in Peru for 5 months to diet plants and learn more about ceremony and plant medicine. I lmade beautiful connections with true medicine keepers and feel truly blessed for all my adventures.