A ceremony is a place to become present, reflect, honour, clean and thank. To connect with the subtile, invisible layers of this world. Your feelings, the elements, the subconcious and all that we normally are not aware of because the mind is too active. It is a space to alchemize energy and intentionally create. 

It can be a powerful place for transformation if you are open for it. 

A cacao ceremony is the answer to a need for connection and sense of belonging in linear society. To get out of the 'normal' individualistic world and sit in sacred circle. 

The ceremonial, organic cacao that I serve is rich in taste and smell. The aroma awakens your senses and guides you towards the now. Components of cacao like Theobroma, magnesium, anandamine and PEA (love chemicals) will help you open and relax.

The cacao drink will give you access to your heart fire, playfulness and creativity. From there we can sing, feel, share and create more freely.


Join me

I host cacao ceremonies almost every month throughout The Netherlands.

If you want to join one of my events, please send me a message and check out the agenda.

If you are interested in a 1 on 1 session with me, please check out my coaching page. I host private ceremonies, offline and online!

Private cacao ceremony events

Sometimes people or companies ask me to host a cacao ceremony for a private event. Its a honour for me to do so! If you have a special intention for a group of friends, co-workers or your family, you can contact me. 

This could be:

  • A ceremony for a bride to be with her closest sisters
  • A cacao circle with collegues as part of team building  
  • A ceremony to honour a friendship / family bonds
  • A ceremony with intention to harmonize a relationship 
  • A playful free your voice circle with collegues
  • Blessing and grounding in a new home  
  • Birthday ceremony
  • A ritual to grief & honour a deceased beloved