A ceremony is a place to be present, reflect, honour, come clean, co-create and thank. I call it home. To connect with your feelings, the elements, the subconcious and all that we normally are not aware of because the mind is chattering. The music, the space, altar, herbs and chocolate are all attuned to bring you back 'home'. Sometimes we celebrate, sometimes we cry. It can be a powerful place for transformation if you open yourself a little. Ceremony is my favorite way to connect with the sacredness of life, to pray, to reconnect and to alchemize energies. 


Cacao has been a social binder since ancient times. Chocolate was always present during important meetings and festivities with the Aztec. A cacao ceremony is the answer to a need for connection and sense of belonging in linear society. To get out of the 'normal' individualistic world and sit in non linear sacred circle. That is where the magic happens!


It is important for me to work with ethicly sourced chocolate, crafted with care and intention. And: that it tastes DELICIOUS! That is why I work with Wild Child Cacao. The rich aroma will awaken your senses. Components in cacao like Theobroma, magnesium, anandamine and PEA (love chemicals) will help you open and relax. (Read all about the benefits of cacao here.) The big dose of cacao will give you access to your heart fire, playfulness and creativity. From here we can sing, feel, share and create more freely. Meow!


Tessa aan de Stegge:
"Enorm vervuld door de cacao ceremonie die Eva voor mij en m'n dochtertje verzorgde in het thema 'Maiden to Mother'.
Heel bijzonder om in het bijzijn van mooie vrouwen in m'n leven een motherblessing te ontvangen en de kracht van cacao, muziek en hartdelen zo samen te ervaren."


Carolina Leguizamon:
"Me and a group of friends asked Eva to host a private cacao ceremony for us. The intention was to share and energize our future endeavours. I was surprised how Eva and her magic cacao drink was able to get us to relax, share openly and express with music and dance, even though we were quite a mental group. The next day we all could still feel the bliss of the ceremony. I totally recommend Eva and her magic."


You can book me for a private cacao ceremony for a group of friends, family, co-workers or your event.

A ceremony is a beautiful initiation from one stage of your life into another, to deepen and bless connections in a concious way.

  • Birthday ceremony
  • Rite of the passage: sweet 16/ bride to be / motherblessing / prewedding or memorial
  • Family or gathering of friends
  • A playful OUT OF YOUR MIND circle with collegues
  • Ritual to clean and bless a new home