Classic cacao ceremony with Eva - September


Hey lovely brothers and sisters. It's time for an old-school cacao ceremony in Amsterdam. English speaking or Dutch friends, let's come together and celebrate life in my livingroom.

What's up?
What are we going to do? We will ground in our bodies with some exercises and meditation. We will drink a mindful Wild Child cacao together and share intentions. We will open our voices and sing. We will be silent. We will play. We will share the important stuff that resides in our hearts. We (who wants) will smoke some sacred tobacco sigar (mapacho) together and pray. And we will relax.

The cacao will connect you to your heart and the now, while the tobacco will ground us and clear our energy field.

I will also bring the special homemade floral waters to share and lift us up. Even if you don't know the medicines, you are welcome and you don't have to take all of it if you don't feel it. 

The ceremony includes
Ceremony, snacks, cacao, floral water, mapacho, tea and hugs.

Thursday September 30
19:15 - 22:30

Doors open:19:00

The adress
Javastraat, Amsterdam. Details will follow 

Please bring a water bottle, pillow to sit on and your favorite instrument if you have any. Please don't drink coffee 4 hrs prior the event. The heavier your lunch the longer it takes for the medicine of cacao to work in your system. 

Excited to discover who will meet me here. :) Let me know if you have any more questions always.

X Eva