Private cacao & rapé ceremony

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Private cacao & rapé ceremony

For the ones that don't know me: I am Eva Joy, a trained energetic healer, coach and yoga teacher. I host cacao ceremonies and have my own ceremonial cacao brand.

I learned about plant medicine around the world (Guatemala, Mexico, Peru). Cacao is very dear to my heart and matches with my spirit. I feel her energy as playful, creative, joyful and heart-expanding. In my ceremonies it is all about connecting with our truth, voice and heart. Playful, yet deep.

Next to cacao, I love to ground the energy with help of the spirit of 
mapacho or rapé, better known as tobacco. This is one of the most important plant medicines used during traditional ceremonies and I love how the tobacco spirit protects and grounds the vibrant energy of chocolate. They complement each other.

The hape or mapacho is used for energetic cleansing, prayer and protection. If you join this ceremony you will automatically receive the blessings from this prayer.

This private ceremony is 2 hours of co-creation. In the time together I listen deeply and support you to go beyond your mind. To guide you back to your center, heart and power. To your trust and mission. To clean your energy field from any density. It can include inner child work or constellation work. 

I will guide us - depending on your intention - into song, meditation and prayer and we will set intentions with the cacao. I work with the traditions learned in the Southern hemisphere and add my own flow and intuition to the ceremony.

I invite you to channel your inner sage as well. Your wisdom and knowledge that I honour and love to empower. The ceremonial setting helps to alchemize energy, get help from plant spirits and the elements and anchor our energies deeper on all levels.

What is the main theme in your life that you like to work on? How are you feeling energeticly: fysical health/energy level? Ware your desires for the year to come? What are you ready to welcome into your life? What are you ready to let go of? And how do YOU keep standing in these wild times? It would be wonderful if you can reflect on those questions and answer them before ceremony and take them with you.


I don't use just any cacao for ceremony. It has to be rich in taste AND experience. That is why I started a ceremonial chocolate brand together with a conscious chocolatemaker. We make our cacao all the way from the bean! Organic and fair, ofcourse. For this ceremony please prepare your own delicious cup of ceremonial cacao. You can order a small dose of 80 grams or bar of 500 grams of ceremonial cacao through my cacao brand Wild Child Cacao:

Ceremony will take place in my cosy home in Amsterdam Eastside OR online. If you want me to go to your home, I charge double. I work day and evenings. DM me for available dates.